Artist-Energized, Cause-Driven

At its most fundamental level, Denver Collaborative exists to foster healthy artist Community, create points of Collaboration and provide tangible benefit to local Causes within the city of Denver and surrounding communities. Guided by this focus, we're committed to:

  • supporting local artists in their work and their life by helping strengthen professional & personal relationships,
  • curating environments & events where multidisciplinary collaboration expands local artistic culture, and
  • improving the social and economic realities artists face and being a transformative force wherever injustice exists.

The catalysts behind this new venture, John & Linda Maikowski, founded the
organization as an outworking of their love for the arts and the artist. Their dream
is to partner with individuals & organizations whose values align with the mission
of Denver Collaborative and can help expand both the application and the impact
of that mission. 

If you'd like to explore a possible partnership, discuss an upcoming event, or just want
to connect over a local craft beer or rich cup of coffee - send them a message